October 25, 2016



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In accordance with the program of sealing materials, we represent a wide range of gland sealing materials, which are used in devices such as rotary and reciprocating pumps as well as in valves. Our products for this range of application have a high quality and are manufactured in many material and impregnation combinations. For braided packings we use natural materials (cotton, ramie) and common synthetic materials (such as glass, Aramid, Acrylic, PTFE, PTFE/Graphite „GORE“ yarn, expanded graphite, etc).

A number of non-asbestous synthetic fibre jointing sheets designed for a wide range of applications in petrochemistry, chemistry, industrial and other equipment requiring specific sealing solutions. A comprehensive range of grades is available covering a wide spectrum of applications. The jointing can be supplied as a sheet or cut gaskets, both supplied in either standard or non-standard dimensions. Most of the sheet types can be supplied with a wire insertion upon customer’s request.

Seals used for original equipment and for replacement applications in industries such as Thermal Power plants, Steel plants, Cement plants, Hydraulic and Pneumatic cylinders for all purposes (earth moving equipment and machines, hydraulic presses, different custom type of engineering, etc), gear boxes, automotive industry, etc.

Instead of using various types of complicating seals, due to their ready availability, O-rings are cheap solution for sealing devices with axial movement. Mostly used material we have on stock: NBR, Silicone, Vitone (FPM), PTFE (custom made dimensions).

A wide range of dynamic modern sealings. Our program contains the mechanical seals of all types – from simple seals to “cartridge” ones. We recommend using these seals in heavy-duty applications with aggressive media influence. This kind of seal is preferred by the maintenance people for its easy installation, but preceded by a more demanding preparation of the sealing room of the pump. This seal type at the same time becomes an indispensable part for pump manufacturers, especially from the engineering point of view. These seals are very demanded in sealing applications for a wide range of liquids, highly aggressive media or in applications, where other sealing materials failed. The metal body design of the mechanical seal was developed and designed in such a way that no impurities deposit on its surface, allowing maximum sealing performance for heavy fluids, slurries and mud, sewerage, pulp and the use in the paper industry. Also available for food, pharmaceutical and other types of industry.

All types of user defined sealing material for special purposes, made from different material.

Providing sealing technical solutions for our customer for long lasting functionality.

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INDUSTRIAL structural bonding techniques play a key role in today’s industrial assembly. As designers strive to bring lightweight and durable products to market in the quickest time possible, they increasingly choose industrial adhesives as the best solution for complex design issues.

We provide different bonding materials such as  cyanoacrylate fast curing adhesives, PU bonding and sealing materials depending of their place of use, different types of rubber based sealants, etc.

CONSTRUCTION bonding solutions are mostly represented in hybrid polymer assembly adhesives for elastic structural bonding, multipurpose elastic sealants, hybrid polymer elastic adhesives and sealants, etc. A wide range of products and systems based on different technologies are offered for the sealing and bonding in: construction joints (floor and façade), metal construction and multipurpose elastic bonding.

Also available One-part, solvent-free, polyurethane adhesives and glues certified according to DIN EN 204-D4 for weather-resistant bonding and conforming to the requirements of WATT 91 (80°C) for temperature-resistant bonding.

Specifically designed for high mechanical resistance in assembly and outdoor applications for woodworking, building & construction and joinery.

ANAEROBIC thread lockers, for different usage and type of threads.

Elastic bonding is used in the manufacture of light/heavy COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL VEHICLES, BUSES, CARAVANS and LEISURE VEHICLES supplying important advantages when compared to traditional assembly techniques. Simplified procedures contribute to major time-saving, resulting in shorter production time. The end product will be stronger, lighter and more comfortable.
Furthermore, the bonding technique creates a more pleasant and safer working environment. The U-Seal bonding technique offers many profitable advantages compared with conventional
rigid construction techniques such as riveting or welding:

  • •.Fewer, simpler assembly stages. Reduced production time. 

  • •.Integrated construction gives a lighter vehicle with higher torsional strength providing 

  • •.greater passenger comfort. 

  • •.Flexible joints absorb and reduce tension which gives the vehicle a longer life. 

  • •.Increased resistance to corrosion in joints and attachments. 

  • •.Less vibration of components gives a quieter, stronger and more durable end-product. 

  • •.The jointing of different types of materials is simplified. 

  • •.Enhanced styling possibilities. 


Food grade lubricants.This types of lubricating grease is suitable for applications where there is a risk for accidental contact of food and lubricant. These products has excellent properties for lubrication of food processing equipment, packaging and transmission units.

Types of greases and oils we have on stock: NSF1 and NSF2 (FG1 and FG2)

We represent almost all principal types of lubricants, including automotive motor and gear oils, industrial oils, specialty lubricants, metalworking fluids, greases, additives and automotive chemicals.

Water-miscible synthetic biologically stable metalworking fluid. It is applicable for grinding of steel and for machining of cast iron in form of 3-5% (V/V) aqueos emulsion. It is extra easy to prepare the emulsion even with hard water. Resits biological infections. Long life time can be achieved with proper handling (1-2 years). It has excellent corrosion protection and wetting-rinsing properties. It provides temporary corrosion protection.


All types of plastomers in rods and sheets with good quality.

PTFE in rod up to 80mm, PTFE in sheets up to 5mm thickness.

POM in rod up to 80mm.

PTFE self adhesive foils with width of 1000mm and customer’s length (500mm and up)

All types of meshes for food and pharmaceutical industry in customer’s dimensions.


Since the early 1970ies, the BGS technic brand is a symbol of fine quality tools and constant innovation every year, in over 60 countries worldwide. The BGS technic brand stands for high quality, long lasting hand tools and compressed air tools for daily workshop use. Our overall aim is to offer fast service, a comprehensive product range and product innovations at the very best value for money for the benefit of our customers. More than 4000 quality tools are available in the well known PRO+ and PRO quality level. All products are supplied directly from our modern distribution center, and come in an appealing and self explanatory sales packaging in German and English language.


All of our products are EU origin with certificates for quality.

Set consist of: Cleaners for penetrants, Marker – red, Developer – white. Packings in 400ml.




Rust removers,

Deoxidiers for electrical contacts,

Carburator cleaners,

Cutting oils,

Higienizer fo car A/C systems,

Brakes and clutch cleaners,

Qucik start for engines,

Freeze effect rust braker,

Sealing black paste,

Copper grease,

Chain lubricants,

Belt spray,

And many, many more other products for car services and everyday use.

  Our new family member is Meccanocar. Italy made brand, featuring lot of products starting from hand tools up to special repair tool sets , hand washing, clothes, protection items.